High time Lance Armstrong realised that only humility earns redemption

Geoff Thomas’s half-baked plan to invite Lance Armstrong to ride some of the Tour de France route with him on behalf of leukaemia research has horrified those who believe the last thing cycling needs is the American exploiting the tour once again

I have no idea whether Pete Rose had put money on the game I watched him play for the Cincinnati Reds against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field one afternoon in the summer of 1985. Cincinnati won, and it was Rose’s habit only to bet on his team to win. But professional baseball players are not allowed to bet. Once exposed to the world, that habit became his downfall.

Rose should have been granted a coveted place in baseball’s hall of fame many years ago. His career total of 4,256 hits is the highest in the history of the sport, and he is a three-time World Series winner. He was also aggressive and abrasive – his nickname was “Charlie Hustle” – and once served a 30-day suspension for shoving an umpire. Then came the charges that would demolish his claim to a formal position among baseball’s immortals.

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