Hideki Matsuyama’s brilliant 64 reels in Kevin Kisner at US PGA

• Japanese now eight under with American after weather delay
• Rory McIlroy makes cut but says course is two shots harder than usual

To the certainties in this world being death and taxes, maybe weather delays should be added when it comes to the US PGA Championship. Perhaps the upcoming switch of this event to May is a smarter idea than anybody has given the PGA of America credit for. Someone, somewhere appears deeply against the tournament in its current position.

Suspension of play, shortly before 5pm local time on Friday, ensured a sixth such scenario in a row at this championship. Menacing skies delivered the predicted storm, with tournament officials encountering their latest organisational headache as they seek to conclude this major on time. At least they have been in this movie before. A wider danger resonates in more ominous forecasts on Saturday and Sunday.

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