Headis is not just table tennis with headers – it’s a tough, fan-friendly sport

We thought the Headis World Championship would be a gentle affair, but the competitors and fans take their sport seriously – and they know how to party

By Sausages and Caviar for Copa90, part of the Guardian Sport Network

You expect tantrums, wild celebrations, epic victories and the potential for bone-breaking injuries from any sport being played at the highest level, but you don’t expect to experience all this from a game that is essentially table tennis played with your head. However, that is what we found when we went a small forest in Kaiserslautern to experience the Headis World Championship.

We expected something a bit more quaint – a place where they would nod to the potential absurdity of “football meets table tennis” – but we found a setting that was half-pool party, half-coliseum arena. The tables were packed with adoring fans who watched “household names” battle each other at one of the sport’s biggest fixtures of the year.

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