Have the Green Bay Packers wasted Aaron Rodgers’ best years?

The Packers are blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime talent at the most critical position in sports. Their returns have been unimpressive

The Green Bay Packers have frittered away Aaron Rodgers’ prime. Sat at 2-2-1, second in the NFC North, Rodgers is facing the prospect of another season in which he shoulders the burden of an entire organization.

Rodgers will turn 35 this season, and is arguably the most talented quarterback of all time. And yet, he has been to fewer Super Bowls than the likes of Eli Manning and Kurt Warner, talented enough players but well below Rodgers in the pecking order. Indeed, since Green Bay won the Super Bowl in 2011, the team has surrounded Rodgers with a grab bag of mediocrity: weapons, scheme, coaching, and a less than complementary defense. Changes were made upstairs this offseason in an attempt to kickstart a mini-revolution. But the club’s philosophy stayed the same, relying on developing young players, despite calls for the team to be more aggressive in pursuing proven, veteran talent.

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