Harry Redknapp shows defiance at prospect of departing from QPR

• QPR manager replies with quip over rumours of leaving
• Redknapp feels no pressure from club’s board
• QPR v Manchester United match report

Harry Redknapp reacted to questions about his rumoured departure from QPR with a flash of gallows humour. “Who will Sky have to interview through a car window if I am not here on transfer deadline day?” he quipped, when the notion of how much time he would be given to turn results around hung in the chilly evening air.

The QPR manager described suggestions he is on the verge of the sack as “a load of old bollocks”, adding that he doesn’t feel the pressure from board level. “I am not going to lose any sleep over it. I am not a 34-year-old manager trying to make my way in the game; I have been around a long time. I love what I do, I want to continue doing it, I work hard at my job.” He added that were the worst to happen, and Tony Fernandes and the rest of the QPR board decide to make a change on the back of five games without a win, he won’t give up on this vocation.

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