Harry New Year for Tottenham as folk hero Kane leads from the front

Tottenham’s inspiration Harry Kane had Gary Cahill of Chelsea scrabbling around White Hart Lane like a city-centre reveller, comedy antlers askew, still wondering where the last night-bus home leaves from
• Match report: Tottenham Hotspur 5-3 Chelsea

It looks pretty easy being Harry Kane right now. Is there a footballer having more of a ball anywhere in the world than Tottenham’s deliciously irrepressible centre-forward? Here is a player who simply keeps on refusing to find his level, to plateau out, to look down and feel the first little twinge after five months of vertiginous ascent from bit-part midweek man to the most impressive English centre-forward currently playing and one of the stories of the Premier League season so far.

Victories against the league leaders are rare enough but this rollicking 5-3 defeat of a tired-looking Chelsea was a tonic in so many other ways. Not only did it leave Tottenham in fifth place, above Arsenal, this was a win that spoke to a wider clunking into gear of Mauricio Pochettino’s hard-running, hard-pressing methods, executed here by a team with five former youth team players in the starting XI.

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