Gregor Townsend backs Scotland’s move to cast net for new players

• Townsend: ‘You have to look at every way to increase your depth pool’
• Scotland not denying link to buying into Premiership side Worcester

Scotland has ramped up its attempts to attract England-based players with Scottish ancestry to play for them and refused to deny reports it is looking to take a controlling share in the Premiership strugglers Worcester, which would act as a base south of the border.

As part of the new-look Scottish Qualified programme – an overhaul of its recruitment policy – the SRU will also widen its search for players based in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Eight of the last 14 players given first caps were born outside Scotland, three of whom qualified on residency. And it is England that the SRU believes is the most fertile ground with Worcester, currently for sale, reported to be a potential base.

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