Greg Combet hits back at Cricket Australia chairman’s ‘absurd’ claims

Players’ union adviser says David Peever’s reaction to the pay dispute is counterproductive amid heightening tensions between CA and the ACA

Former federal Labor minister Greg Combet has returned serve on Cricket Australia chairman David Peever, claiming the former Rio Tinto managing director’s reaction to the cricket pay dispute is astonishing and absurd, and that a newspaper column written by Peever on Thursday served only to deepen the divide between players and administrators at a time when CA should be looking to build trust.

“David Peever’s assertion that I am using my advisory role to the cricket players to re-prosecute some decades old industrial relations grudge is absurd,” Combet told Guardian Australia. “My advice has been solely directed to the achievement of the players’ goals – a fair share for all male and female players in the revenue they create, and to look after grassroots cricket.”

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