Greatness of Usain Bolt burnished even with bittersweet final appearance | Andy Bull

Usain Bolt, who has captivated our attention for nine years, hobbled over the finish line with a pulled hamstring in the 4x100m and won’t thank the IAAF

This is how it ends then, with Usain Bolt face down on the track, 10 metres out from the finish line. Just when you wondered whether Bolt was going to accelerate counter-clockwise around the earth to reverse time, or announce that he had to return to his home planet and then fly off into the night sky, or disappear with the princess into the happily-ever-after, all the dragons dead behind him, he gave us a last reminder that he’s only human after all. His hamstring went before he’d made it halfway home. He slowed to a halt while the field sped past him, then stumbled into a roll. It meant he crossed the line alone, and last. His first world championship final, in the 200m in 2005, finished the very same way.

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