Gonzalo Higuaín survives Napoli reunion to give Juventus impetus for Scudetto | Paolo Bandini

Napoli supporters were furious when they lost their talisman to Juventus in the summer but the Old Lady have benefited from Higuaín’s potency ever since

In the end, you never stop loving your own kid. Even when, technically speaking, you aren’t related. The Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri has a way with words, and his response to a TV host’s question about how he would greet Gonzalo Higuaín on Saturday was perfection. “Like a son who has pissed you off,” he explained.

Higuaín enraged more than just Sarri when he joined Juventus in the summer. Napoli supporters variously set fire to his shirt, fitted it to public bins, or attempted to flush it down the toilet.Core ‘ngratoread the sign placed above his statuette in the window of renowned presepe artist Genny Di Virgilio. It translates to “ungrateful heart”.

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