Golden Goal: Lee Trundle for Swansea City v Carlisle United (2006) | Ben Fisher

Scoring spectacular goals has never been a problem for Trundle, but his sweetest strike of all came in the Football League Trophy final in Cardiff

His showreel is teeming with tricks and flicks, feints, shoulder rolls and keepie-uppies. His showboating put bums on seats in one sense and swept supporters off their feet in another. He was a viral footballer with an innate self-confidence, a working-class hero to many. He was also the subject, in 2005, of comparisons with David Beckham after becoming the first player outside the top flight to sign an image-rights deal with then third-tier club Swansea City.

Signed on a free transfer in 2003, Lee Trundle was a poster boy striker and a football celebrity who brought Swansea glamour and goals. In 2007, Bristol City bought him for £1m and while there he would drive down Portishead high street in his Bentley, only too happy to sign schoolchildren’s maths and science books as he went. The charismatic Liverpudlian was famed, in particular for his back catalogue of flash haircuts and sumptuous strikes – more often than not from distance. “I am not the type of player that scores those tap-ins in the box, most are from outside the area” Trundle says. “My goals are usually a bit different, it’s nice to be known like that.”

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