Giro d’Italia 2018: stage 15 – live!

Simon Yates yesterday was either pessimistic, realistic or pragmatic about his chances of overall victory. Or all three.

It’s not enough for me to win the Giro either. The gap is not that big. It’s not a lot. I fully expect him to take that back easily in the TT. We don’t know if I can take back time on each climb, that’s a big statement. For sure he will gain time on me very easily. So I’ll keep trying.

The gap is now around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which means the peloton are not letting it get too far away. This is something of a lull, with the incline gentle enough. Ahead of them are some fearsome mountains, the Dolomites. Today is the first and only time this tour will visit that mountain range.

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