Getafe v Real Madrid: La Liga – as it happened

Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale did the job for Real Madrid

Real Madrid are the winter champions apparently, whatever that means. Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and one from Gareth Bale did the job and they lead Barcelona by four points, who play later. Thanks for reading. Bye.

90 min+2: Bale is limping a bit after a heavy challenge from Velazquez. He’s gone off for treatment.

90 min: There will be two minutes of added time.

89 min: Getafe have started attacking. And not a moment too soon!

86 min: Alvaro Vazquez hits the post. Felipe fired a cross into the six-yard box and Vazquez, presented with an open goal, somehow struck the woodwork.

83 min: Getafe make their final change. Sammir is replaced by Alex Felip, who’s making his La Liga debut.

82 min: Alexis is booked - I think - for chopping down James, who isn’t particularly happy. Toni Kroos is replaced by Asier Illaramendi and Nacho comes on for Marcelo.

81 min: Ronaldo has scored 28 league goals. It’s January.

James Rodriguez comes up with another assist, a gem of a cross from the left that lands right on Ronaldo’s head and it’s a simple task for him to score his second goal. Madrid have taken their time, but this is handsome victory now.

78 min: On comes Sami Khedira for Isco.

77 min: Sami Khedira will be on shortly.

73 min: Getafe make another change, Yoda on for Pedro Leon. Gerry Armstrong cracks a Star Wars joke.

72 min: Ronaldo lines up a free-kick from the left. It swerves and veers and wobbles through the air, so much so that Codina went completely the wrong way as the ball flashed an inch past the left post. He’s ludicrous.

70 min: Hinestroza skips past Kroos and shoots from 30 yards. Over it goes. Getafe have given it a go, but their goose is cooked. Which is good news, because it’s almost time for lunch.

Gareth Bale scores. How very selfish of him. James sends a wonderful cross to the far post from the left and it finds Bale all alone. Outrageously, six yards from goal and with only the goalkeeper to beat, he elects not to pass to a team-mate and instead flicks a cute finish past Codina with the outside of his left foot.

64 min: Lago is booked for catching Carvajal.

It is a football match and Cristiano Ronaldo has scored. Surprised? Thought not. It’s as common as the sun rising in the morning or a Fox News presenter saying something ridiculously stupid. He started the move, too, with a dash down the right. He fizzed a ball inside to Isco on the edge of the area. He rolled it to James and he strokes it through to Benzema on the left. He beat a defender with a brilliant piece of skill, rolled the ball under his foot and then cut it back from the byline to Ronaldo, who doesn’t tend to miss from six yards out.

59 min: It’s Bale. And the less said about his attempt, the better. I fancy Ronaldo will be on the next one.

58 min: Isco’s volley from 25 is saved by a Getafe defender. Unfortunately, that’s handball. Madrid have a free-kick in a very promising position. Will it be Ronaldo or will it be Bale?

57 min: Bale finds James on the edge of the area. His first touch is good but his low left-footer is drilled straight at Codina.

56 min: Getafe make the first change, Panlo Sarabia replaced by Fredy Hinestroza.

53 min: Codina makes a fine save to deny Benzema. James slipped him through the middle and Benzema shot instantly, but too close to Codina, who stood firm and parried the ball to safety.

52 min: Marcelo drifts a cross to the far post. It’s too high but Ronaldo manages to keep it in play and hooks it to the edge of the area, where Isco’s shot is blocked. Moments later, Ronaldo hooks a cross towards Benzema at the far post, but it’s headed away before he can pounce.

49 min: Wait, it seems that HB has a starring role in hit BBC show Cuckoo. Never heard of it. Any good? Back on the pitch, Bale curls a cross into the Getafe area. It does not lead to a goal. Getafe are mostly defending pretty well.

48 min: Josh’s surname made me want to check out what Helen Baxendale has been up to recently. Not much, it seems.

47 min: “Hi Jacob, not much to talk about from that half, but as you mentioned Ronaldo Territory exporting hair gel, tenuously I’d like to say Gareth Bale’s new hair is a bit pants, isn’t it?” says Josh Baxendale. It’s all about Brand Bale.

46 min: Football! “I’m writing from Spain while following your MBM on Getafe-Real Madrid, and although nobody else has so far taken up your request for tales of early football matches, here’s a contribution,” says Chris Fowler. “16 or 17 years ago, I used to play in a local league here. I was already 40, but some of the players were in their early 20s. On occasion our match would be scheduled at 10:30 on Sunday morning. I’d have a light breakfast and get to the ground for a bit after 10:00 to change and warm up, but some of the younger blokes would turn up, maybe for the beginning of the match and maybe later, direct from the disco. When I changed jobs I couldn’t carry on playing, as I had to travel a lot more, but in the second-to-last game I played, the first match of the new season, only nine of our team turned up at all. We had a real greyhound of a forward, and even managed to get a 2-2 draw. The next match, my last ever, there were nine of us for the first half, and a disco straggler tenth for the second. But the other team even had substitutes, and we lost 10-1.”

That got better as it went on.

45 min: Toni Kroos hits the bar with a magnificent effort! Bale went down in the area and when nothing was given and the ball broke to Kroos on the edge of the area, the German made sweet contact with the ball on the half-volley, thumping it with his left foot against the face of the bar! So close.

44 min: Hello, ball! It’s just landed on my desk.

43 min: Pedro Leon beats Marcelo in many ends up - possibly every end up - and drags the ball back to Sammir, who leans back and sends his shot skywards. Bye bye, ball!

41 min: Now Kroos lines one up. Over it goes. But via a deflection. Another corner. In it comes. Codina comes flying off his line and gets nowhere near it, but no Madrid player can take advantage.

39 min: From the Madrid corner, Getafe break quickly, Vazquez racing through the middle. He plays it to his left to Sammir and he cuts inside and, faced by Marcelo, blasts well over the bar.

38 min: It’s all Madrid now. Marcelo’s shot from 20 yards is deflected wide for a corner. The pressure is growing.

37 min: Isco twists and turns and twists and turns and then bends a shot towards the top corner with his right foot from 25 yards. Codina palms it over.

34 min: Toni Kroos is booked. It was for a foul on a Getafe player.

33 min: “Hi Jacob, you want abuse?” says Ian Copestake. “Here’s some abuse. I dare you to “print” this though it really ain’t so bad: “xx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxx”!”

32 min: Ronaldo’s free-kick is slammed straight into the wall. The ball rebounds over to Bale on the right. He shoots from 25 yards but it’s straight at Codina.

31 min: Velazquez is booked for chopping down the flying Rodriguez. Madrid have a free-kick in the area popularly known as Ronaldo Territory, a thriving principality whose main export is hair gel.

30 min: Bale involves himself for the first time in a while, cutting in from the right and on to his left foot, before sliding a reverse pass through to Benzema. Codina blocks Benzema’s shot with hos legs at his near post.

29 min: Madrid should lead. A slip on the left allows Benzema to burst into the Getafe area and he pulls the ball back from the byline to Isco. He’s totally unmarked eight yards from goal but his side-footer hits a defender when it looked easier to score. That was Madrid’s first proper chance.

27 min: Marcelo concedes a free-kick to the right after bringing down Pedro Leon. It’s Leon who swings it in, deep to the far post, from where it’s hooked back across goal to Vazquez. He heads it down, attempting to tee up a team-mate, but Varane boots the ball clear.

26 min: Ronaldo drops a shoulder and shoots from 18 yards. Ro Naldo sticks out a foot to deny him.

24 min: Madrid are not playing well. If they continue to play as badly as this, I fear they’ll never win a game again. And then what? THEN WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!!!

22 min: Now here’s Bale. A clearance drops to him on the right and he runs at Lago, but his cross is blocked and goes out for a throw.

21 min: I’m fairly certain - but don’t hold to me this - that Gareth Bale hasn’t touched the ball yet.

19 min: A corner to Madrid on the left. It’s headed away to the edge of the area, where Isco’s shot is blocked.

17 min: “No abuse here, Real playing with pretty much the same 1 again,” says James Iles. “Some of there players look a little jaded, why doesn’t Ancelotti freshen things up a little. After all their back ups are pretty handy.”

Maybe it’s punishment for losing to Atletico again.

15 min: James materialises on the left and whips a lovely cross into the six-yard box. It’s a nightmare for defenders and goalkeeper and Ronaldo is lurking ominously at the far post, but somehow it’s shovelled behind for a corner.

14 min: Would the stadium be full if this wasn’t being played at silly o’clock?

12 min: Emails please! Even if you just want to send me some abuse.

11 min: Madrid have stirred. Benzema lays the ball off to the bustling Marcelo and it sits up invitingly for the Brazilian to shoot; his rasping effort from 20 yards, struck firmly with his right foot, whizzes inches over the bar with Codina surely beaten in the Getafe goal.

10 min: Madrid wake up and go close to taking the lead. Benzema is sent clear on the right and though he’s forced a little wide, he drives a shot towards the far post, only for a Getafe defender to get himself in the way. The ball rebounds away to James, but he’s denied too.

8 min: Marcelo bounces a cross into the Getafe area. Naldo clears. It’s been a slightly lacklustre start from Madrid.

6 min: Nothing of any note has happened yet. It’s very early to be playing football. What’s the earliest you’ve played football? I once played a game on a Saturday morning at 10am on a windy field in Manchester. We didn’t have enough players and started with 10, but somehow nicked a 1-1 draw. It was heroic.

4 min: Madrid haven’t been out of their half yet. See? They’re rubbish!

3 min: Former Swansea City hero Alvaro Vazquez pops upon the left and Varane catches his heels and concedes a free-kick. An early chance for Getafe. But Ronaldo heads the free-kick away, showing why he is the holder of the Ballon d’Or.

2 min: Is anyone else watching this on Sky and is your picture extremely fuzzy if so?

And we’re off! Getafe, decked out in blue, get the game going and are attacking defending from left to right in the first half. The stadium is far from full and it’s a bleak morning. There is rain in Spain.

Here come the teams! Soon: football.

Where are Getafe in the La Liga table? They’re 15th, a point above the relegation zone! And Real Madrid? They’re top, a point above Barcelona, who have played a game more! Barcelona visit Deportivo this evening.

Getafe: Codina; Alexis, Naldo, Velázquez, Lago, Rodríguez, Castro, Sammir, Pedro León, Sarabia, Vázquez.

Real Madrid: Casillas; Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo; Kroos, Isco, Rodriguez; Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo.

Morning! Want to feel better about those January blues? Well, Real Madrid are having a rubbish 2015. Absolutely rubbish. And they’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo. They’ve lost to Valencia, they’ve let Fernando Torres score twice against them and they’ve relinquished their hold on the Copa del Rey after being knocked out by Atletico Madrid on Thursday night. So if they can’t do anything right, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Kick-off: 11am.

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