Geoffrey Boycott was convicted of domestic assault, so why has May knighted him? | Marina Hyde

Glacial opener, failed captain, convicted assaulter – no wonder the former PM has idolised him since childhood

Geoffrey Boycott has always represented Theresa May’s idealised version of herself, and in that sense it is no surprise that the former prime minister has given him a knighthood in her resignation honours. She can see the hero where others can’t, and if only people could look past the social awkwardness, and the thinly disguised selfishness, and the various nasty businesses, then they would surely realise what heroic qualities truly are.

Indeed, perhaps this knighthood foreshadows how someone who has herself exhibited these characteristics in her own career could go on to a highly successful second act in the political commentary box, or on the board of one of the better arms firms. Perhaps in retirement, that someone too will become the effervescent opposite of her playing self. Or perhaps she will grind out the rest of her remorseless innings pointing at potholes for the local constituency paper, as Mrs May was doing this week.

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