Geoffrey Boycott may be vivid and trenchant but he is becoming unbearable | Matthew Engel

The opinionated former England batsman’s TV and radio commentary always refers to his past exploits and that is something irrelevant to the modern era

On a mid-summer afternoon more than 30 years ago, back in the long-lost era when Yorkshire played a lot more of their cricket away from the dismal confines of Headingley, I was having a happy sunlit wander round the charming old ground at Harrogate.

One man on a bench on the boundary was going on and on to his mate about the usual subject. I paused for a moment to see which way this rather one-way conversation was going to turn when a bloke in the row behind intervened, loudly. “Oh, give it a rest for Christ’s sake!” he shouted. “We’ve all heard enough.”

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