Gary Cahill rues ‘crazy’ offside rule in wake of Chelsea’s FA Cup final defeat

• Defender says ‘maddest rule I have ever seen’ led to Arsenal’s opener
• ‘If Ramsey is not there, I can run out and get the ball,’ says Thibaut Courtois

Gary Cahill has described the current interpretation of the offside rule as “the maddest rule I have ever seen” as the Chelsea defender struggled to come to terms with the decision to award Alexis Sánchez’s opening goal in Saturday’s FA Cup final.

Chelsea were also perplexed that the referee, Anthony Taylor, did not penalise the Arsenal forward for handball in the buildup. After that Aaron Ramsey’s initial movement towards the ball from an offside position prompted the assistant referee, Gary Beswick, to raise his flag. Yet while Ramsey’s presence may have been a distraction, the fact he did not touch the ball, directly interfere with an opponent or ensure his side gained an unfair advantage through his position meant Taylor eventually allowed the fifth-minute goal.

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