Gaël Clichy: ‘Playing for Pep Guardiola at City was a major shock’ | Will Unwin

French defender hopes to help guide Istanbul Basaksehir to a first Turkish title and is intent on conducting himself like his former manager at Manchester City would expect

Gaël Clichy clearly remembers the moment Pep Guardiola changed his outlook on how he would spend the final years of his career. Guardiola arrived at Manchester City in the summer of 2016 and summoned the French defender to his office for a clinical assessment of his future.

“Your career is behind you now,” Guardiola told Clichy bluntly. “But you have a duty, every day, every session, every behaviour you have; young players are looking up to you and even if you don’t feel like a special player, you’ve done so many years in England, you’ve won trophies, you are somebody and those young players will look up to you and behave like you are behaving.”

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