From greatness to self-destruction: Colin Milburn’s story to take centre stage

He was the most exciting cricketer in England but a car crash in 1969 led to the loss of his left eye and subsequent self-destruction. Milburn’s remarkable story will be told in a new play which begins at Northampton’s County Ground

On a June day in 1969 a very large man stood outside Northampton general hospital to pose for photographers. He was wearing jacket and tie, both dark glasses and an eyepatch, and a broad grin. He also had a nurse on each arm; they too were laughing delightedly.

The man’s name was Colin Milburn and he was the most exciting cricketer in England. At least he had been less than a fortnight earlier. Then it happened: a late-night car crash; blood everywhere; the loss of his left eye; his career seemingly over.

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