French Open quarter-finals: Halep v Anisimova, Keys v Barty and more – live!

As Chris Evert, the seven-times French Open champion and the best clay-court player in the history of the women’s game, points out on Eurosport, it’s one thing forging a lead such as this against a player of Halep’s stature, but it’s quite another closing it out. Let’s see what Anisimova is made of. Halep holds; and Anisimova is left shrugging her shoulders as Halep gets herself two break points at 15-40. A quick flick of the wrists from Anisimova and a wonderful angled backhand cross-court winner saves the first. Halep’s only two out of six on break points. But make that three out of seven. Halep strikes back. They’re back on serve, with Halep 6-2, 4-3 down but very much holding the momentum.

Halep bludgeons a backhand winner – only her second of the day – to get to break point on Anisimova’s serve. That’ll have felt good. But advantage Halep becomes deuce. From there Anisimova should really get to her advantage but makes the error. The American lets out a high-pitched squeal in frustration; finally we’re given a reminder that this player who’s bossing the defending champion is only 17 years of age. Again, advantage Halep turns into deuce. Then it’s Anisimova’s advantage; she sends Halep one way and t’other, forward and back, and eventually Halep’s defence breaks down! Anisimova remains in the ascendancy, leading 6-2, 4-1. Meanwhile it’s all-square between Barty and Keys in the second, with Barty leading 6-3, 3-3.

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