French Open men’s final: Stan Wawrinka v Rafael Nadal – live!

After an hour and 21 minutes, Nadal steps up to serve for a two-set lead. The fans are chanting his name and there’s a delay before the game can begin. It seems they’re just delaying the inevitable. Wawrinka, determined not to collapse, makes it 15-all with a fine forehand. But Nadal keeps looping high balls to the backhand, eventually coaxing an error to lead 30-15. He seizes control of the next rally with an enormous forehand - but Wawrinka keeps fighting and has a chance to pass Nadal with a forehand, only to snap his racket in two after blootering it long! Nadal has two set points, Wawrinka receives a warning for racket abuse and he’s even more annoyed when he blocks a return wide. This is surely over.

Second set: Nadal 6-2, 5-3 Wawrinka* (*denotes server): Nadal screeches a backhand from right to left for 0-30, but Wawrinka wills to 40-30 with solid serves and holds with a forehand winner. Nadal will serve for a two-set lead.

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