French Open: Andy Murray vows to bounce back from illness and form dip

• Murray suffering from a minor infection in buildup to tournament
• Novak Djokovic says Andre Agassi can help him grow

The good news is Andy Murray, still officially the best player in the world, is not wallowing in a slough of despond on the eve of the French Open. The not so good news is the 2016 finalist, coughing between protestations to the contrary, could probably be in better shape, having cut back on his preparation because of a minor illness that required antibiotics.

Murray opens his campaign on Sunday against the Russian world No85 Andrey Kuznetsov – whom he has beaten handily twice – and insisted after the draw on Friday: “Sunday afternoon was when I started to feel a bit sick. It was Monday/Tuesday I didn’t feel great but I still practised a bit on Tuesday. I feel much better now. I’ve got a cough but I was a bit sick for a couple of days.”

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