France v Norway: Women’s World Cup – live!

10 min: A brief stoppage while one of the assistant referees sort out a faulty flag. Turns out she needs a new one and we have to wait a while for one to arrive. Sort it out Fifa!

8 min: France get themselves in a tangle at the back, Mbock Bathy unable to deal with the bustling presence of Herlovsen as they chase a long ball. Herlovsen comes out on top, muscling the France centre-back out the way, and Bouhaddi has to sprawl from her line to confront the Norway forward. The goalkeeper’s unconvincing, though, and again Herlovsen is too strong. At one point Bouhaddi looks like she’s about to knock the striker over. Instead the ball squirms clear on the left and Herlovsen turns and sends in a cross that drifts out of play.

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