France off to a flying start after sweeping South Korea aside

It felt somewhat fitting that it was two of Lyon’s six-time Champions League winners stamping their mark on the Women’s World Cup opener. With Eugenie Le Sommer’s side-footed opener - her 11th goal in 11 internationals - followed by a Wendie Renard double header giving France a 3-0 first half lead, then added to by captain Amandine Henry for a 4-0 win, the vital Lyon spine of Les Bleus was evident.

Moments before kick off the rain that had rendered the sprinklers superfluous lifted, the sun came out and the floodlights beamed, just as the teams emerged from the tunnel and everything suddenly felt brighter. The grey of the weather and the ticketing and organisational chaos outside suddenly felt a lot less important to a heaving Parc des Princes bowl.

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