Fourth Test: Australia v India – live!

28th over: 0-123 (Rogers 51, Warner 63)

Half century! Rogers sweeps Ashwin for two to raise his milestone. 55, 55, 57, 69 and 51* have been his last five innings this series. That took 91 balls. He finishes the over with a single, and that’s lunch.

27th over: 0-120 (Rogers 49, Warner 63)

Another symbolic moment in a series rich with them. David Warner nudges Shami behind square for a single to move to 63 not out. The mark has been acknowledged throughout the series, but today it’s different. Warner walks over to the spot on the adjoining pitch where Phillip Hughes fell last November, some patches of that pitch still visible under the regrown grass. At what would have been the batsman’s mark, Warner kneels and kisses the turf, and with that there’s a certain feeling of things coming full circle.

26th over: 0-118 (Rogers 48, Warner 62)

Oh, hello. There you are. Ashwin has come around the wicket and suddenly it’s a different game. Warnie reckons this pitch is dry and will spin later in the match, and on that evidence he might be right. A beauty, as Ashwin drifts in toward off stump, then straightens the ball right past Roger’s edge, directly toward his off stump, but it bounces enough to clear the bail. Great fortune.

25th over: 0-118 (Rogers 48, Warner 62)

Four! A nice wide one from Shami, and Rogers launched into the square drive backward of point. So many four-balls.

24th over: 0-113 (Rogers 43, Warner 62)

Another less than stellar effort from KL Rahul, as Warner prods weirdly at a wider ball from Ashwin, turning away from him. It lobbed gently out to point, and Rahul was just backward of point and too slow to move. That ball looped out and hit the turf in front of his diving hands, but if he’d been faster off the mark then he would have got there. Test cricket hasn’t been much fun for him so far. Maiden.

23rd over: 0-113 (Rogers 43, Warner 62)

Kumar hitting the pad a couple of times but harmlessly. Two leg byes are the result, plus a Rogers single. All India can really do now is hold up the scoring and wait.

22nd over: 0-110 (Rogers 42, Warner 62)

Warner often seems slightly less dominant against spin than pace, but he has no problem swatting an Ashwin half-tracker to the square leg fence.

21st over: 0-105 (Rogers 42, Warner 57)

Just three runs from Kumar’s next over, but no threat. “Have the Indian team been taking Dhoni pills?” asks Wendy Cowling. “Surely Kholi won’t put up with the bowlers being inefficient and lackadaisical for much longer?”

20th over: 0-102 (Rogers 40, Warner 56)

Ravi Ashwin was bowling a quiet over there, but Warner didn’t like that idea. He comes down the wicket to the fifth ball, doesn’t get to the pitch of it but carries through with the shot, and drives it flat through cover, in the air but speeding away to the rope. Then he calmly takes the single to square next ball.

19th over: 0-97 (Rogers 40, Warner 51)

Half century. Warner just can’t help making runs at the moment. There’s another half century for him as he tucks Kumar off the pads for two. Warner looked shocking this morning but has still managed to trip over another 50.

18th over: 0-94 (Rogers 40, Warner 48)

This is turning into a procession, Warner on course for another milestone, Rogers as well, plus another hundred partnership for these two on the cards. Ashwin bowls a maiden to Rogers, which today is an event in itself.

@GeoffLemonSport Tests are wondrously unpredictable, but India seem determined to make outcome of this match inevitable from lunch on day 1

17th over: 0-94 (Rogers 40, Warner 48)

A couple of singles from Yadav, then Warner crashes a short ball through cover! That was more a cut than a drive but it went well forward of square. He closes out the over with two more boundaries, the first one short at the ribs but he swivels and strikes it well, away behind square, then a decent ball on a length outside off but Warner gets forward to it and plays almost a checked drive that was just perfectly placed and splits the field at cover. He well and truly regains the lead.

16th over: 0-80 (Rogers 39, Warner 35)

Warner gets a single from Ashwin’s first ball, the spinner bowling from the Members end of the ground, then Rogers dots out the rest of that over.

15th over: 0-79 (Rogers 39, Warner 34)

Rogers is in fine fettle this morning. Gets a fuller ball from Yadav and takes four through midwicket with great crispness, and increases his lead over Warner.

14th over: 0-75 (Rogers 35, Warner 34)

Time for spin: Ravi Ashwin appears to bowl the first over after drinks. Rogers is able to get his cuts on, first a late one for two runs, then a squarer cut for a single. Plenty of flight from Ashwin. The pitch looks very blank, it must be said. Rogers sneaks back to the runscoring lead.

13th over: 0-72 (Rogers 32, Warner 34)

Yadav isn’t going for many, but Australia don’t really need him to. Rogers and Warner each work a single before Rogers takes the fifth ball through cover for three runs. That takes us to drinks, and a dominant if fortunate first hour for Australia.

@GeoffLemonSport T20 was supposed to create batsmen who can't build innings. Instead, it's created bowlers who can't take wickets.

12th over: 0-67 (Rogers 28, Warner 33)

Shami was the boundary man in Melbourne, and he’s walloped by Warner from his first ball here. That was Warner’s first convicncing shot of the day, a mighty cover drive on the up, really bashed that ball away. They take a single then Rogers gets a short ball, not enough elevation on it, and he crunches the pull shot in a fashion more suited to his partner.

11th over: 0-57 (Rogers 23, Warner 28)

Umesh Yadav replaces Kumar from the Clive Churchill end, and the over passes uneventfully as Warner takes a single from the fifth ball.

10th over: 0-56 (Rogers 23, Warner 27)

Warner’s befuddlement continues, swatting a defensive shot at a Shami ball that beats him comprehensively by seaming away. Then he’s edging to gully again. Finally he lays bat on one in the manner he intended, again waiting on ball to steer three runs toward third man. He’s overtaken Rogers again, the natural order is restored.

9th over: 0-51 (Rogers 23, Warner 22)

Just a single from Kumar’s over now, he’s tightened up considerably after a profligate start.

8th over: 0-50 (Rogers 23, Warner 21)

Dropped! Ach, that’s a shocker for India! They’ve dropped Dhawan, their usual second slip, and KL Rahul has taken his fielding position as well as his batting spot. Rahul has performed about as well there as he did with the bat in Melbourne, as Rogers gets a big edge from Shami which carries straight to Rahul and is put down. That was as straightforward as they come, as Rogers pushed hard at the ball with his hands in front of his body. That’s awful cricket, Rahul just went too hard at the catch as well.

7th over: 0-46 (Rogers 19, Warner 21)

Just a couple of singles from Kumar’s over, as the Aussies relax a little. They’ve been scoring heavily without going that hard at the bowling. It’s just that Rogers has put a few away, Warner has had plenty of luck, and the Indian bowlers have sent down some raggedness.

6th over: 0-44 (Rogers 18, Warner 20)

Warner’s dicey innings continues with a big edge from Shami through third slip. India have two gullies instead. Warner gets four. Then bunts and runs a single to cover.

5th over: 0-39 (Rogers 18, Warner 15)

Rogers is all over this bowling, and is ahead of Warner. A deuce through midwicket from Kumar, then a four driven straight down the pitch.

@GeoffLemonSport is it to early to call the result. Indian body language already looking dejected. Could be a painful few days for them

4th over: 0-33 (Rogers 12, Warner 15)

Warner is having a horrible over that is getting him lots of runs. Edges a dot ball to gully. Inside-edges two runs to square leg. Then an inside edge from a massive drive, past the stumps for four to fine leg. Plus Yadav threw in a bouncer that had Warner flinching but cleared the keeper for five wides.

Warne says Warner's going to go beserk on this flat belter of a wicket, which he assures us will also seam and spin to compliment the swing.

3rd over: 0-22 (Rogers 12, Warner 9)

Now a first boundary for Rogers, as he drives a wide Kumar ball off the open face past gully. He blocks out the next three balls but cover-drives the fifth for four more!

2nd over: 0-14 (Rogers 4, Warner 9)

It’s Yadav to commence from the Members End of the ground, the old pavilion at his back as Warner is defensively driving him for three runs. Yadav makes Rogers hop with a ball back of a length, before slipping in a fuller swinging ball that takes the batsman on the pad but would have just missed leg. They take the leg bye, then Warner tries an ambitious swat through square that he can only bottom-edge to slip. His next shot is more deft, waiting on the ball to steer a late cut to the third man boundary. Runs-a-many.

1st over: 0-6 (Rogers 4, Warner 2)

And we’re away. Bhuvneshwar is opening the bowling in Ishant’s absence. Good signs for Australia as Rogers taps the first ball away through midwicket for three. I’ve got a little feeling that Rogers could be set for a big one. Memories of the way he made the SCG his playground in the corresponding fixture last summer, perhaps. Kumar getting far too straight to these left-handers early, and with the minimum of fuss they’re able to collect three more singles to the leg-side.

Weirdness ahoy in the Indian camp as far as selections go. Saha in for Dhoni was expected. Pujara left out for Rohit Sharma? Is this a training drill? Dhawan left out and KL Rahul promoted to open. Nope. Suresh Raina in at 6 thanks to that decision. Then Varun Aaron hasn’t been included even after travelling back from India, and Mohammed Shami has been given another run despite bowling tripe in Melbourne. Ishant is also out, probably so he can rest, while Buvi Kumar is in. But only one spinner, unless you count Rohit as back-up.

Australia have only changed Starc for Johnson.

Ahoy sailors. The ship of cricket is about to set sail on the turbulent sea of an extended metaphor that I can’t be bothered pursuing. This is indeed Geoff Lemon on your horizon, chasing down your humble vessel with plunder on his mind. The mighty pennants of Australia and India are being held by several professional clothes racks out on the turf of the SCG, and as Billy Joel might have said had he been a different person, it’s a pretty good crowd for a Tuesday morning.

We stand poised for the fourth and final contest of what has been an excellent series. Admittedly the results haven’t been too far from what anyone predicted, with two Australian wins and a close-run draw thus far. But there have been changes and upheaval aplenty in the worlds of both Indian and Australian cricket in the past few weeks: the well known story of Phillip Hughes, of course; the rescheduled Tests, the injured absence of one Test captain, the retirement of another, and the emergence of two young captains going head to head in a run-scoring Thunderdome contest.

Geoff Lemon will be here shortly to guide you through the opening exchanges on the first day of this fourth Test, a match that is sure to prompt some pretty raw emotions, given the recent tragic events out there in the middle.

He’s got a little hamstring strain. I think there’s no secret there’s a pretty big summer coming up. We want him to be fresh for the one-dayers and World Cup coming up. We don’t want to risk him.

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