Forget the armchair war, Euro 2016 on TV is all about the tables | Emma John

ITV look to have blown a little more of their budget with an outdoor setting, while the BBC pundits could easily have been back in Salford

“The city is looking as resplendent as ever,” said Mark Pougatch, as a camera panned across grey skies and a rather muddy-looking Seine, before discovering the ITV presenter and his guests on a roof overlooking the Île Saint-Louis. The sheets of paper on their clipboards did a Mexican wave in the wind.

Still, if you’re entrenched in a decades-long broadcast war with the BBC, you’ve got to take risks, and to go by first impressions it was paying off. The terrace was furnished with topiary trees and an equally groomed Emmanuel Petit and framed by a backdrop of Notre Dame. The BBC, meanwhile, seemed to have brought an old Match of the Day set over on the Eurostar. Instead of Notre Dame, they had la Tour Eiffel, although that could have been just a projection – perhaps they were still in Salford, after all.

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