Football world watches as MLS rolls out video replays leaguewide

The system’s success in North America this season will go a long way to deciding VAR’s place in the game

FC Dallas thought they had clawed a goal back. Maxi Urruti reacted quickest to a loose ball in the box, and found the back of the net to give the Texans a lifeline against the Philadelphia Union. On any other weekend previously this season, the goal probably would have stood. FC Dallas may well have mounted a late comeback on the back of it. This weekend, however, Major League Soccer debuted its new VAR system. Urruti’s goal was its first case study.

Indeed, replays showed that Cristian Colman made contact with Philadelphia goalkeeper John McCarthy before Urruti took his shot. The decision, which took just under two minutes to be made, was ultimately the correct one. Incidents like this will become commonplace, but this one marked the start of a new era. The era in which referees finally have some help.

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