Football transfer rumours: Zidane to start Real spree with Mbappé deal?

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“I am not thinking yet about signings.” Zinedine Zidane could not have been clearer in his Monday night press conference after accepting the Real Madrid job for the second time that his mind was on the final 11 matches of the season and nothing else. But that didn’t stop the Mill (and other notable gossip outlets) from creaking into action, with most speculating that Florentino Pérez has promised the Frenchman the proverbial war chest to spend this summer, as well as a week’s stay in his ski chalet and a lottery ticket every week for the rest of his life in order to convince the Frenchman to return.

Zidane did appear to offer an olive branch to Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Isco although most still expect the estranged trio to depart in the summer as the club plan an overhaul of the squad. The first name to be mentioned? “Zidane is French so he could do something with Kylian Mbappé,” laughed Pérez, a sort of chuckling veiled threat normally used by Bond villains at the start of the movie. Pérez might be a ringer for Jean-Claude Juncker, but he’s got the swazz of Donald Tusk, so that’s £250m-ish to get the ball rolling, you would think.

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