Football transfer rumours: Xherdan Shaqiri to Liverpool as Gerrard leaves?

Today’s rumours are counting the months

Couldn’t Steven Gerrard have held on until the end of the season before letting it be known that he’ll be leaving Liverpool when his contract runs out in the summer? No, instead it’s going to be a whole five months of Gerrard tributes before his move to America. What a start to 2015. Gerrard, out of respect for Liverpool, will not play for another English club and is expected to head to America, where LA Galaxy are currently top of the queue for his signature, although conspiracy theorists are already putting money on him pitching up at New York City FC. Presumably he’ll be unable to resist their history or by the chance to prove once and for all that he and Frank Lampard are incompatible. Or he could just sign for Manchester City straight away and cut out the middle man. Or involve the middle man but go in a different direction and sign for Melbourne City instead. The opportunities are limitless.

Five months of tributes, though. Five whole months.

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