Football transfer rumours: Mesut Özil out, Robert Lewandowski in at Arsenal?

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Arsène Wenger is not a man one would generally associate with glitz, glamour and superstardom. Sure, he has signed a few famous players in his time, but his attitude towards transfers is generally not one of “only the biggest and brightest will do”, but more “it’d be nice if they were big and bright but only if they’re available at affordable rates”. However, that might all be about to change. Or it might not, depending on whether you believe some excitable reports in one of Her Majesty’s more excitable newspapers.

Word is that Wenger will move in the transfer market, but only if he signs one of the top dogs. And if you’re not quite up on which dogs are at the top, that means Robert Lewandowski, and if he’s not available then Antoine Griezmann. Ambitious, but supposedly Wenger thinks the Lewandowski deal could happen after the big Pole dithered over a new contract at Bayern Munich. And while you’d think those two would only be available at prices that would make Wenger go very pale indeed, maybe he’s changed. Maybe he thinks this is his last hurrah. Maybe he’s going to ignore everything he’s preached for the last 20 years and really go all out for this one. While we’re on that subject, the latest word from France is that Lyon will demand £60m for Alexandre Lacazette, and a newspaper not a million miles from this one reports that Riyad Mahrez has agreed to stay put at Leicester for the time being. A more low-key arrival could be Manchester City defender Jason Denayer, who is also wanted by Galatasaray.

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