Football transfer rumours: Manchester City’s Jadon Sancho to Arsenal or Spurs?

Today’s rumours have no boundaries

The notion of Philippe Coutinho moving to Barcelona has always been an itchy, scratchy little thing you can’t quite get shot of. Nimble-footed, quick-thinking, dynamic playmaker doing well at a big Premier League club – all boxes ticked. Mates with a certain former team-mate now turning it on in Catalonia – another box ticked. So there’s always been a fairly unsurprising hum around that potential connection but now that hum has turned into a loud and, if you are of an Anfield persuasion, decidedly unseemly bellow. Things have got real on this one, with Barça dangling a reported £72m under Jürgen Klopp’s nostrils and seeing him as a medium-term replacement for the ageing, albeit still absolutely brilliant, Andrés Iniesta. No dice, Liverpool are expected to say – and they might well say that having seen RB Leipzig resolutely flat-bat their own move for Naby Keïta – but you wouldn’t necessarily expect the cuddly La Liga runners-up to stop there.

Liverpool will rubber-stamp a new arrival of their own, though, in the form of the Hull left-back Andy Robertson – who has had his vital signs checked and should be unveiled soon enough. It should mean Sevilla or Napoli can get their paws on the unwanted, unloved Alberto Moreno.

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