Football transfer rumours: Jonny Evans and Mauro Icardi to Arsenal?

Today’s fluff has no shame

There was a time when a club would not have dreamed of buying back a player they had sold for a larger fee from the team they had sold said player to. You see, many moons ago, football clubs had pride – an alien word these days – and managers, chairmen and chief executives would rather save face than go sniffing around one of their cast-offs. Not these days. Nope. Where once shame would come shuddering up through the shoes of club head-honchos who had seen a player go elsewhere and develop into a fearsome star, now it appears there is only excessive self pride and self congratulatory back-slapping at the idea of being able to spend so much cash to ward off rivals and secure a player once deemed surplus to requirements. Hello Chelsea. Hello Romelu Lukaku.

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