Football transfer rumours: Chelsea offer Diego Costa to Napoli and Inter?

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Some debates will go on and on, arguments that live through the ages and may never be solved. Is there life beyond this planet? How did we all get here? Where are we all going? Who is Jack the Ripper? How are kicks caused in snooker? You might be able to add ‘Is Romelu Lukaku really that good?’ to the list.

On the one hand you’ll have people pointing to the healthy chunk of goals he’s scored in the last few seasons, achievements augmented by his youth, but others might cite his form when he’s not scoring those goals, wandering around like a disinterested child pushing some food around their plate that they don’t really want. Plenty are in the former camp, though, namely current club Everton and former/possibly future club Chelsea. Apparently the Ev are somewhat miffed that Antonio Conte’s boys are trying to unsettle the Lukaku despite not actually making a bid to take him back to Stamford Bridge yet, and will talk to his agent Mino Raiola (who might be in the north-west for some reason) to get things resolved. Chelsea will apparently throw Asmir Begovic and Loïc Remy into any bid to grease the wheels a bit.

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