Football transfer rumours: Arsenal and Everton move for Wilfried Bony?

Today’s stuff and nonsense regrets nothing

Sometimes, news isn’t news: there should be a certain category of events that can be filed under “We’ll All Just Take This As A Given Until You Inform Us Otherwise”. Donald Trump saying something to desperately ensure he doesn’t become president, for example. Life in Britain grinding to a halt when there are some extremes in weather, as well.

Add “Arsenal need a striker” to that pile. No matter how one rates the effectiveness or indeed handsomeness of Olivier Giroud, Arsenal have seemingly been in the market for a new centre-forward since God was a boy, but only if: a) he’s better than what they already have; and b) cheaper than your average Harvester dinner. One man who seems to fit neither criteria is Wilfried Bony, Manchester City’s expensive and underachieving forward who is seemingly surplus to requirements, but word on the street is that Arsenal are still keen. And according to the Daily Star they’re even going to give Manchester City a profit for him, making a £30m bid for the player City spent £28m on. Sheesh.

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