Football rumours: Peter Reid ready to save Sunderland?

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Following the dismissal of a haggard Simon Grayson within 15 minutes of Sunderland’s draw with Bolton Wanderers at the Stadium of Light last night, two questions quickly emerged: who will replace him and will anyone in their right mind want to do so? Appointed just four months and 18 games ago but looking to have aged about 20 years in the interim, Grayson became the 11th manager – permanent or caretaker – to have taken charge of the Wearside club since Roy Keane’s two-year reign at the club ended in December 2008. Sunderland last won at home on 17 December, almost 11 months ago. Widely perceived to be as rotten to the core as they are dysfunctional from the boardroom down, they have developed a reputation as something of a managerial graveyard on which even the most desperate of out-of-work managers must be wary of risking what’s left of their reputations.

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