Football clubs’ strangest sidelines – racing cars, petrol stations and bingo | The Knowledge

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“I know of clubs having fan shops and sometimes even playgrounds close to the stadium, but Union Berlin have their own petrol station, and it’s not even close to the ground,” notes Daniel Bickermann. “Any other clubs who own strange shops or businesses that seem unrelated to football?”

Kevin Dennehy points us in the direction of another German club. “Not sure if this counts, but you could for a time buy a complete house from Bayern Munich. It’s a standard prefabricated job and includes a garage, which is very common in Germany and costs €190,000, which is actually good value for what you get. There’s one featured in this article: the house is finished in matching light switches, tiles, etc in red. It seems his wife (who refused to be photographed for the article) drew the line at the bedroom being bedecked in Bayern Munich tat, mind.”

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