Football clubs splash out for players, so why not for managers? | Sean Ingle

While leading European clubs will spend crazy money on mediocre players there is a reluctance to adopt a similar approach to entice the best coaches

No sooner had Ronald Koeman been sacked by Everton than a predictable troupe of has-beens, hopefuls and cast-offs were plonked among the favourites to replace him. Inevitably David Moyes was high on the bookies’ list, despite a triad of failures at Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland. So was Sam Allardyce, a roast-beef-and-potatoes option for a club striving for cordon bleu. Before Sunday’s defeat at Leicester, the academy and under-23 coach, David Unsworth, even became the frontrunner, despite a handful of games on his managerial CV.

Whatever happens at Goodison Park it is a cast-iron bet that some of these men will be in the frame the next time a Premier League job comes up – and the one after. That is how the system goes. Rinse. Recycle. Repeat. These days managers, like Buddhists, accept that death and rebirth is a fundamental part of existence.

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