Florida prosecutors drop charges against Conor McGregor over alleged robbery

  • Former UFC fighter was arrested in March in Miami Beach
  • Ahmed Abdirzak dropped civil lawsuit after settlement

Prosecutors have dropped charges against former UFC champion Conor McGregor after he allegedly smashed a fan’s phone outside a Miami hotel.
Prosecutors in Miami said on Monday the victim has stopped cooperating with investigators and has recanted his story. The Miami Herald reports the fan, Ahmed Abdirzak, dropped his civil lawsuit with McGregor after reaching a settlement. Abdirzak had been seeking $15,000 in damages.

Florida assistant state attorney Khalil Madani said that Abdirzak “has credibility issues as he’s changed his previously sworn testimony.” He added, in a written summary that: “Based on the witness’s credibility issues, his unwillingness to respond to a subpoena and the inability of the witnesses to testify as to his subjective mindset, the State of Florida cannot prove the charges against Mr McGregor beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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