Florenzi inspires Roma win and leaves Ronaldo feeling small | Paolo Bandini

Roma stalwart was teased about his height by Cristiano Ronaldo but felt 10ft tall after opening the scoring against Juve

Cristiano Ronaldo was not the first man to tell Alessandro Florenzi that he is too short. As a teenager, the Italian almost lost his place in the Roma youth system when puberty failed to deliver a growth spurt in line with his peers. Only an intervention by the great Bruno Conti – capped 47 times by Italy at 5ft 6 ½ins – persuaded coaches to give him another look.

Now 28 years old, and a relative giant next to Conti at 5ft 8ins, Florenzi has made more than 250 appearances for Roma’s first-team. If Ronaldo was hoping to get under his skin with a jibe about height, then the Juventus player was destined be disappointed.

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