Fifa and IAAF ride aboard a gravy train where normal rules do not apply | Marina Hyde

Tennis came under the spotlight this week but sport’s terminally compromised governing bodies are forever forming a disorderly queue to regain the attention

With arriviste scandals like IAAF corruption and tennis fixing threatening to steal its thunder, Fifa is forced into amusing acts of attention-seeking. It’s a bit like when Madonna feels she has to cop off with Justin Bieber or someone at the MTV awards. Excruciating, yet somehow mesmeric.

This week’s limelight-stealing news is that despite being banned from world football for eight years, Sepp Blatter is still being paid to run it. According to a statement from Fifa’s auto-parodic audit and compliance committee, the Swiss is still taking his president’s salary – popularly estimated at in excess of $6m – and will carry on doing so until a new president is elected. Well, you have to hand it to him. (If you don’t, he’ll take it off you anyway.) Perhaps needless to say, Michel Platini is also being paid by Uefa, despite also having been banned from football for eight years.

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