FFA chair election offers hope of imperfect compromise | Richard Parkin

AAFC’s forum laid bare an uncomfortable fact for all to see: there is no perfect candidate in this election

“This is not a game, it’s a mission.” Like a heat-seeking missile, Craig Foster’s entrance into Monday night’s community forum was as direct, as fervent and as unapologetic as the man himself. Cutting through the usual waffle of words about “consultative leadership” and the “headwinds” that were buffeting the game, the outspoken former Socceroo didn’t mince words – “it’s time to stop outsourcing our governance”, and it’s time to “build business around football, not the other way round”.

On a night in which seven of the 11 would-be directors of the first post-Lowy Football Federation Australia board outlined their credentials (with statements from a further two unable to attend in person) it’s hard not to conclude that Foster, a man who almost radiates with his fervour for football, was the headline success.

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