FA Cup’s glory days are gone, the BBC cannot pretend to bring them back

The magic of the third round of the FA Cup would be better recreated by staging all the games on a Saturday once again
Talking points from the weekend’s FA Cup action

Did anyone in the world actually sit through the BBC’s marathon FA Cup third round coverage, which took up large parts of the weekend and merely demonstrated that the glory days of the competition belong in the last century? Pitching its level of fawning respect and excited anticipation somewhere between a Royal Wedding and a new Mary Berry cookery show, the corporation’s Final Score programmes tried to show or describe as many ties as possible and succeeded only in proving that most of them were unremarkable.

Partly that was to do with a dull third round draw, but mostly it was to do with the inescapable fact that Cup upsets, especially those likely to lead to pitch invasions by thousands of parka-wearing teenagers, simply do not happen any longer. There is no point the BBC trying to pretend otherwise.

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