Eyewitness: Holland shook up the World Cup with 5-1 humbling of Spain

At the time it was difficult to comprehend the dramatic scenes that unfolded during this heavyweight clash on 13 June but it proved the beginning of the end for the world champions
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Every seven or eight minutes another goal came ... and every goal was another hole in what I was writing; with each goal my piece was more irrelevant. One goal at a time it fell apart. As the end of the game approached, it was torn up completely and forgotten. Write something else. This was much bigger. Write about what had happened instead and what it meant.

But what had happened? And what did it mean? Even then, even straight after Spain lost 5-1 to Holland, I was not really sure. Not yet. I was not even yet sure that it was the end but it was; Spain’s World Cup had pretty much finished before most countries’ tournament had even started. That generation, the most successful in football history, had gone – one goal at a time.

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