Extra-time, rolling subs: netball vies for new attention of hearts and minds | Megan Maurice

Netball has a fight on its hands to re-establish its place in the Australian Covid-19 era sporting landscape

There are many sounds that are synonymous with Super Netball – squeaking shoes on wooden floorboards, the piercing shriek of the umpires’ whistles, the low growl of defenders pretending to be encouraging their own teammates while really trying to put off their opponents. Accompanying this curious melody is the roar of the crowd, working in sync to create an immersive soundtrack.

Netball crowds have always punched above their weight. For a sport that is usually played in stadiums with a capacity of less than 10,000 people, the noise is intense and focused. Find yourself in a crowd at a grand final or a major international game and the effect is further heightened .

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