Exeter’s reluctant chairman Julian Tagg can enjoy big night at Liverpool | Stuart James

He finds the role stressful but the man pulling the strings at St James Park can forget the hardship and lap up his team’s FA Cup replay at Anfield

Julian Tagg is thinking back to the moment when Brad Smith equalised for Liverpool against Exeter City in their third-round FA Cup tie at St James Park and vehemently denying the mischievous, tongue-in-cheek accusation that was levelled at the League Two club’s chairman afterwards.

“I walked into the dressing room, as I do after every game, and I always try to be very level whether we win or lose, and Clinton Morrison said: ‘Hey, Taggy, there is a rumour going round that you jumped up when they scored,’” says Tagg, breaking into laughter as he tells the story.

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