‘Every club makes a loss’: Wasps chief on adapting to rugby’s new normal | Paul Rees

Stephen Vaughan is not alone in regarding the Premiership’s lockdown, which has dropped Wasps into a financial black hole, as an opportunity to reset

“It is not like George Best turning up in town.” Ask Stephen Vaughan, the chief executive of Wasps, about whether marquee players add to the opposition’s gate receipts when they visit and he gives a blunt response. Ask him whether players can expect the Premiership’s eventual return to be close to what went before and he is likewise outspoken. “When we resume playing, there will be a new normal regarding costs and personnel is part of that: nothing is off the table.”

Vaughan is not alone among the chief executives of Premiership clubs in regarding the current sporting lockdown as an opportunity to reset businesses that have tended over the years to be guided by dreams rather than reality and relied on the largesse of owners and backers. Vaughan says: “We would love to think that things will go back to where they were, but clearly there will be an impact. You want to do the best you can for the excellent people we have here and that keeps you awake at night.”

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