Everton’s Willie Kirk: ‘Next year we want to be a top-six WSL team’

Blues new manager has had a whirlwind 12 months, with the lure of being his own man at Finch Farm proving too much to keep him at Manchester United

Everton’s manager, Willie Kirk, has had a rocket-fuelled 12 months. “If I look at where I was at the start of 2018 to the end, I went from Bristol City, a nice Championship club [in men’s terms] with aspirations of being a Premier League club, to a club that’s never known anything but the Premier League, it’s a massive club,” he says.

In between the switch from the West Country to Merseyside, Kirk was recruited by Casey Stoney as her assistant at Manchester United, a period he describes as a “little golden five months of not Disneyland but being in a world where it was just the absolute opposite end. Everything you wanted you got.”

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