Everton’s Sam Allardyce sees his dour derby plan come to fruition | Paul Wilson

It was no surprise to see the former England manager attempt to frustrate Liverpool with his pragmatic tactics in the 1-1 draw at Anfield

‘School of Science? Give me a break,” Roy Evans once complained after a particularly attritional Merseyside derby in Everton’s Dogs of War period under Joe Royle. Evertonians may soon be looking back at that era quite fondly, since the early indications are that Sam Allardyce’s tactics are going to make Royle’s battleplans look sophisticated.

The former England manager pulled no punches here. He sent out his team with a horrible emphasis on long balls, in a disciplined defensive formation that allowed no room for individual flair or attacking invention, and even had them wasting time at free-kicks and throw-ins during the first half. It was as if Allardyce was trying to outface his many detractors by laying all his cards honestly on the table, yet from Everton’s point of view it worked.

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