Everton’s Romelu Lukaku hits four to floor Bournemouth in 6-3 thriller

Do not be fooled by the scoreline, this was not a Six Nations match, though if someone had thrown on an egg-shaped ball in the second half it would scarcely have been any stranger than some of the events already taking place on the pitch.

This was a seesaw of a nine-goal thriller, with Bournemouth threatening the most unlikely of comebacks after being dominated for most of the game. Ronald Koeman believes Everton emerged stronger from the January transfer window, and for a hour they were too much for their lightweight opponents to handle. Romelu Lukaku, who ended up with four goals, was too powerful for Bournemouth’s defence on his own. Yet the Everton manager was nowhere near as pleased with what he saw in the second half, for after establishing complete control and a three-goal lead the home side all but surrendered their advantage in losing their momentum after the interval.

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