Ever wondered why La Liga’s top goalscorer wins ‘the Pichichi’?

Pichichi was more than a great goalscorer who died before his time. He was a law student, an Athletic Bilbao legend, an Olympian, a referee and a man who ‘lived life on the edge’

By Dan Parry for These Football Times

In most leagues the name of the trophy given to the player who scores the most goals is self-explanatory: the golden boot in England, the capocannoniere (head gunner) in Italy and the gol krall??? (goal king) in Turkey. This is not the case in Spain, where the top goalscorer award is named after a man called Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, better known as Pichichi.

Moreno was born in the Bilbao neighbourhood of Casco Viejo in May 1892. His father was a lawyer who also served as the city’s mayor and his mother was related to the famous writer Miguel de Unamuno. Football was still something of a novelty at the time to the Bilbaínos, but the youngster fell madly in love with the new game.

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