Euro 96 Relived: like experiencing a painful summer crush all over again

On paper, rewatching old football matches should be ludicrous … until you find yourself clenching your fist at a Shearer goal

Never has a wild experiment made me feel such vivid emotions. Because that’s exactly what Euro 96 Relived (ITV4/ITV Hub, near constantly) is: a gamble, a stab in the dark, TV as guesswork. The plan, on paper, seems ludicrous: just full re-airings of old games? Bob Wilson as host, old ITV logo, 4:3 aspect ratio, everything? Not even modern analysis from the players who played, just VHS-quality repeats? That’s your plan, ITV? And then I clenched my fists at a goal Alan Shearer scored a lifetime ago and: nope, I’m fully on board. Remembering things is amazing.

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